Global cosmetics brand Yves Rocher upgrade its distribution centre with the help of Tellus Systems to support their aggressive expansion in Thailand

January 11, 2018

Every business aspires to growth. But expanding operations is often more difficult than it sounds. Yves Rocher, the global French cosmetics brand, currently has 85 stores operating in Thailand and plans to open 65 -115 new stores in the next five years. The problem?

In 2017, Yves Rocher was in need of a distribution centre that could operate more efficiently and support local stores. While their location had the capacity to supply existing outlets, it couldn’t accommodate the company’s projected growth. If Yves Rocher wanted to achieve their rapid expansion goals, they would need to relocate. But that’s easier said than done.

Operating within a very limited budget and unable to shut down operations for a week-long move, Yves Rocher was unsure how to move forward. That’s when Ian Longden, the Managing Director of Yves Rocher, gave Tellus Systems a call.

Limited time. Limited budget: How Tellus overcame these two problems

With over 80 active cosmetic stores, Yves Rocher would need to relocate fast while ensuring operations remained undisrupted. And because the company had a limited budget, they would require some creative solutions.

When Ian Longden contacted Tellus, Yves Rocher had already signed a lease for their new distribution centre. Having acquired the new space, their focus shifted to optimising the centre for maximum operational efficiency. Tellus worked closely with Yves Rocher to design the layout of the new facility and decide what existing equipment could be reused or modified and what additional equipment needed to be added. By performing this planning and analysis beforehand, Yves Rocher could optimise their assets and budget.

The next problem to resolve was the time issue. Yves Rocher’s current distribution centre lease would end in mere weeks. If they were unable to move out in time, a penalty clause would be implemented. To make matters worse, it was critical that Yves Rocher’s distribution operations remained running at all times during the move. How could Tellus support their move without disrupting operations?



Global cosmetics brand Yves Rocher upgrade its distribution centre with the help of Tellus Systems to support their aggressive expansion in Thailand



To accomplish this feat, Tellus set up the new distribution centre’s storage system in advance: new and old shelving, pallet racks and other storage equipment were installed for immediate use. Once the relocation began, this equipment was utilised while Tellus modified and refurbished Yves Rocher’s existing storage equipment in batches. Following each modification, Tellus would install the equipment at the new facility where Yves Rocher would immediately utilise it. Then, Tellus would collect the next batch of old equipment to modify. This process was repeated three times.

The entire relocation was completed in less than a week, with daily operations continuing as normal throughout the whole move. Most importantly, the project was completed on budget and without incident. As planned, Yves Rocher now has the capacity to open 12 stores in 2018 and double their outlets within five years.

When asked about Yves Rocher’s experience with Tellus, Ian Longden replied, “I couldn’t be happier. Storage equipment were installed on time and on budget, and their team helped us keep operations running smoothly while supporting our expansion goals. I highly recommend Tellus to any company that wants to maximise storage space efficiency and expand operations.”

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