Industrial Storage and Warehouse Racking Systems in Thailand

Partner with Tellus to add organization, efficiency and automation to your warehouse, store or shipping operations. We can design, deliver and install the perfect mezzanine racking systems to streamline your processes and decrease turnaround times.

Warehouses in Thailand don’t often come with the structure or organization needed for your shelving storage, carton flow racks or warehouse racking. Let Tellus design mezzanine floors and mezzanine racking to help you utilize the full space in your warehouse.

Trust Tellus to help you make the best use of your warehouse, store or shipping depot space to increase efficiency and profitability. With our pallet flow racks and racking systems, you can get your stock off the floor and provide more room in your warehouse. Our pallet flow racks also save restocking time on your most popular requested items. Ramp up the volume and speed of your picking capabilities by redesigning your warehouse to operate at peak efficiency with Tellus racking systems.

Industrial Storage

With carton flow racks, mezzanine floors, and shelving systems, you can conveniently store and reach the products you need, when you need them.

We design, sell, install and provide after-service for racking systems that will turn your facility into a model of efficiency.

  • Carton Flow Racks – Tellus provides roller bed and roller track type systems that each offer different benefits depending on the existing racking system you have in place. Both selective racking systems ensure your facility is following the widely adopted FIFO principle of revolving stock (First In, First Out). The carton flow racks permit the replenishment of cartons from the higher, rear portion of the rack and allow for picking from the lower, front side of the rack. They can be adjusted to handle any width carton as well by adding or subtracting roller tracks. This feature saves valuable warehouse space and requires manual pickers to travel less, so orders are picked faster and more efficiently.
  • Mezzanine -Tellus designs and installs mezzanine floors and mezzanine structures as an easy way to dramatically increase your usable floor space. Each mezzanine designed and installed by Tellus is custom created to provide the load-bearing performance that you require. We also supply staircases and lifts that enable fast and safe access to your new mezzanine.
  • Racking Systems – We have selective racking systems, pallet racks, cable racks, shuttle racks, and (ASRS) satellite shuttle racks. All of our warehouse racking systems are designed and selected based on the weight requirements and size of your products.
  • Shelving Systems – Tellus provides a range of shelving systems, including the Flexi-shelf, Nova shelf, T-Classic Micro Rack and Long Span shelves. Each of these shelving systems allows for customization, accessibility and adaptability. They are designed with x-type back bracing and open fronts to provide safe and reliable storage and access to heavy or bulky products.

Frame Barrier

A modern warehouse maintains a rapid pace of order picking and restocking. Managers can’t afford to add time to picking schedules when a forklift or pallet jack damages an area of pallet flow racks or mezzanine racking.

Tellus is a supplier of frame barriers, post guards, bumper rails and shelf pole shock absorbers that allow you to maintain your production schedule by protecting every racking support structure in your warehouse, from micro racks to mezzanine floor supports.

Our frame barriers are often positioned at the ends of warehouse pallet racking systems and carton flow racks. They offer strong resistance to collisions from forklifts, pallet jacks and other warehouse equipment. By setting them apart from your product racks, they can reduce product damage from falls due to collision vibrations and eliminate direct impacts, saving you time and money in repairs.

We offer a range of tough and durable frame barriers, including pipe frame barriers, bollard and steel angle barriers, and steel plate barriers that surround your racking supports, making them impervious to collision damage.

Our frame barriers are also valuable for protecting selective racking systems and hand picking areas from equipment traffic, reducing workforce injuries.

Post Protector

We also offer three types of post protectors that protect warehouse pallet racking systems, flow racks and products from any damage. Our standard steel protectors are perfect for mounting in front of support legs on pallet racks. They prevent forklifts and pallet jacks from causing damage during restocking.

Our heavy-duty steel post protector guards pallet racking systems from potentially catastrophic damage from forklifts by securely protecting the uprights of racking systems. These are usually installed in high-traffic areas of warehouses holding valuable products.

Our line of post protectors also includes the VisiPro solution. This is a tough but flexible PCP bumper featuring an energy-absorbing inner pad. The high-visibility VisiPro pads fit around posts in high-traffic areas and guard against collisions by warehouse vehicles. With quick and easy installation, and available in a range of sizes, VisiPro provides an immediate solution to potential racking damage.

With Tellus as your partner, you’ll enjoy the most efficient and organized operations in Thailand. We have automated racking systems, pallet racks, micro racks and complete racking systems to suit any application.

Tellus also services neighboring Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. Get in touch with Tellus today and let us help improve your storage capacity and operations. For more information, please contact us via LINE @tellussystems or call 02 643 8044-8.