Save space, reduce costs: How a Double-Decker shelving system does both

Today, we want to introduce another type of shelving system—one that can double the space and money saving benefits of a mobile filing system. How is this possible? You harness the benefits of a single mobile shelving system, and then literally take it to a whole new level.

The upper and lower mobile shelving unit is moving at the same time

What is a Double-Decker system?

The Double-Decker shelving systems consist of two shelving systems placed one on top of the other. A floating mezzanine exists between the units, which enable you to access the second level.

All Double-Decker shelving systems are electrically operated.They can store anything from documents to spare parts, components and much more, and they can also complement your existing shelf racks and other storage solutions.

What types of companies benefit from a The Double-Decker system?

While Double-Decker systems are compact, they consume more vertical space. This means for companies that own factories, large store rooms, archives, or any building with ceilings measuring 4.5 metres or higher, a double decker filing system will maximise your “cube utilisation”.


Above an example of parts storage in a manufacturing environment

3 benefits of The Double-Decker system

  1. Utilise space more efficiently– As The Double-Decker shelving systems can be installed in a very small area, you can free up office or warehouse space for other purposes.
  2. Get double the benefits of a mobile shelving system– How can you get twice as many benefits than a single mobile shelving system? Install two of them in the exact amount of floor space it takes to install one. Mobile filing systems can be installed on both floors of your Double-Decker system, which means you get all the space and money-saving benefits of a normal mobile filing system, times two.
  3. Cheaper than building a structural mezzanine floor– If you’re considering building a mezzanine or second floor for your warehouse, why not consider The Double-Decker system first? The Double-Decker system is cost effective, and much more affordable than building another floor in your building.

As you can see, if you have the vertical space for The Double-Decker system, installing one can be a worthwhile investment for your business. To learn more about The Double-Decker system, mobile filing systems and other smart storage solutions for your business, contact the experts at Tellus today at +66 (0) 2643 8044-8.

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