Improve Efficiency with Shop Shelf Solutions from Tellus

Hand-cranked storage allows you to compress storage space.

Whether it’s a workshop, office, hospital, school, or other facility, the efficiency of storage solutions can significantly impact an organisation’s or facility’s overall productivity and efficiency. 

Recognising the critical need for easily accessible, durable, and space-efficient shelving, Tellus presents a comprehensive line of modern and efficient shelving systems designed to meet the unique shelving requirements of various facilities. We’ll explore our range of shop shelf solutions and explain how Tellus shelving storage products and mobile shelving systems cater to the diverse needs of many.

Tellus Shelving Products: A Closer Look

Tellus offers a wide range of shop shelf storage solutions to maximise the space in your shops, offices and storerooms, and to keep track of your inventory more efficiently. We’ve divided our shop shelf types into shelving and moving file cabinets. Let’s take a closer look at our product range:


Our sturdy racks are adjustable to fit your space.

Our Flexi-shelf is a versatile, heavy-duty shelving solution that combines durability with flexibility. Our modular design allows for fluid customisation to suit specific storage needs. Each shelf can support loads of up to 70 kilograms. With the addition of optional support bars, the loads can be increased up to 150 kilograms. Whether storing files, supplies, or equipment, Flexi-shelf adapts effortlessly to the dynamic demands of a facility. Our sturdy construction ensures it can withstand the typical activities of offices, laboratories, workshops, schools and hospitals.

Nova Product Shelf

Nova Shelf is a slim-profile, 4-post shelving product with rear cross-bracing designed with aesthetics and functionality in mind. Perfect for environments where presentation matters, such as office spaces, this shelving system offers a sleek and modern look without compromising on strength and durability. With the posts covered in plastic or steel, Nova Shelf provides an organised and visually appealing storage solution for various items.

Multipurpose Shelf (Micro Rack)

Display shelving complements any décor.

Ideal for compact spaces and storage of smaller items, the Micro Rack by Tellus is a compact yet robust shop shelf solution that can make small workspaces more efficient. Its modular design makes it adaptable to different configurations, offering an efficient way to organise and access essential items in limited spaces.

Large Multipurpose Shelf (Long Span)

When it comes to storing bulkier items or materials with varying sizes, Tellus Long Span shelving provides the necessary strength and durability. Made of heavy-duty steel with cross-bracing on the end posts, this system is perfect for facilities dealing with larger quantities of supplies differing in size and weight, ensuring that items are not only easily accessible but also securely stored.

Sliding File Cabinets

For busy offices and facilities where space is valuable, we’ve designed a range of mobile shelving systems and sliding file cabinets that redefine the possibilities of office storage. These units move easily, allowing you to access the front and back for convenient storage. Our sliding file cabinets include the following:

Double-sided Sliding Rail Cabinet

Our double-sided sliding rail cabinets are a space-saving solution that maximises storage capacity by eliminating the need for multiple access aisles. Allowing units to move laterally creates a dynamic and efficient storage system suitable for offices and archives.

Hand-pushed Sliding Cabinet

Our hand-drive filing cabinet offers an easy-to-operate system for manual and straightforward mobile shelving solutions. They are ideal for smaller and longer storage areas and ensure that every inch is optimised for storage without compromising accessibility or durability.

Hand-cranked Sliding Rail Cabinet

The mechanical drive adds a layer of convenience to our sliding rail cabinet with a gear-driven assist system. This system is perfect for facilities with a moderate-sized, heavier inventory, providing a balance between ease of use and storage efficiency.

Electrical Sliding Rail Cabinet

Tellus electrical drive filing cabinets offer a state-of-the-art solution for larger facilities with many items to manage. The system is controlled electronically and provides effortless movement, making it a perfect fit for busy environments like hospitals, warehouses, shops, and distribution centres.


A range of accessories, such as dividers, labels, and locking mechanisms, are available to complement the Tellus mobile shelving systems. These add-ons enhance organisation and security, ensuring that every stored item is easily identifiable and protected.

Explore the Tellus Advantage

We offer heavy-duty, quality shop shelving.

We understand the critical role that shelving plays in maintaining order and accessibility. Quickly locating the correct part in backroom operations means improving your operation’s efficiency. In a display setting, showing your products to their best advantage can mean a dramatic increase in sales.

With Tellus shelving solutions, you’ll maximise your facility’s storage potential in a way that perfectly suits your business’s needs. Explore the Tellus advantage today and discover how our shelving systems can transform how you manage space and accessibility.

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