Heavy forklifts can speed up warehouse work

Get Effective Warehouse Rack Protectors

Heavy forklifts can speed up warehouse work

The modern warehouse is a busy place where speed is of the essence. With more people ordering goods directly from the Internet, warehouses all over the world, including Thailand, have streamlined and increased the speed of their warehouse operations.

Most high-volume warehouses are now computerized. The warehouse locations of every item are entered into a computer, and the computer then generates the picking lists of the orders received. The picking lists given to warehouse employees are organized to minimize the travel time needed to fill the order. The emphasis on speeding up picking operations has caused an increased reliance on heavy and fast-moving forklifts and pallet jacks. This has meant an increase in warehouse accidents and collisions with vulnerable warehouse racking systems

Expensive Accidents

These warehouse accidents can be expensive when they involve collisions with racks holding valuable products. The downtime from cleanups also eats into the profit margin of the warehouse and slows down operations. These picking racks, flow racks, and multi-level racking systems are not built to withstand high-speed collisions with fast-moving forklifts and pallet jacks.

Safeguard Your Warehouse

Tellus offers warehouse rack protectors, bumper guards and steel bumper poles that protect your racks and valuable merchandise from collisions and damage. 

We have a range of protection systems that are designed to offer complete protection to every structure and racking system in your warehouse. They include:

Pipe Frame Barriers

These heavy-duty warehouse rack protector products are typically mounted at the ends of multi-level racking systems. They consist of heavy steel bumper poles (that can be filled with concrete) embedded in the warehouse floor, with steel cross-beams attached to them and guarding the lower rack uprights. They can protect the entire rack from collisions and prevent cascading failures. 

Bollards and Steel Angle Barriers

These are two products that perform similar functions in guarding the vulnerable corners of a racking system. 99% of damage to warehouse racks occurs at the corners of the racks where an aisle meets a perpendicular aisle. The damage occurs when a forklift or pallet jack attempts to cut the corner when turning and collides with the rack, causing sometimes devastating damage. Our bollards and steel angle barriers protect vulnerable corners from collisions. The round shape of the bollards deflects the impact, and the steel angle barrier protects the rack at ground level. 

Steel Plate Barriers

These are effective warehouse bumper guards made of heavy-duty steel secured to the floor of the warehouse. They act as effective barriers to forklift and pallet jack collisions and are designed to offer complete protection to a section of rack uprights rather than one single upright. They’re generally installed along high-traffic aisles and where two aisles meet. When painted in bright safety colors, they can be used to define aisles in busy and crowded warehouses. 


VISIPRO is a cost-effective, lightweight pad that can be quickly strapped to uprights and offers an instant protection solution. Its rugged construction ensures it will last for years. It’s constructed from polyethylene compounded plastic with a high-visibility finish and offers long-lasting durability and impact resistance. VISIPRO from Tellus is offered in a range of sizes to fit any warehouse uprights. Our product is certified to satisfy the impact load requirements of the European Standard EN 15512-2009. 

Standard Steel Protectors

These standard steel protectors are seen in warehouses all over Thailand. They protect the uprights of multi-level racking, picking racks and flow racks. They’re made of 5mm thick steel and anchored to the floor by four M-12 expansion bolts to provide rock-solid protection to your racks. The height of our protectors is 400mm, meeting the height requirements of post protectors under the Australian Standard AS 4084-2012. 

Warehouse bumper guards protect valuable products

Heavy-duty Steel Protectors

We also offer a heavy-duty steel protector that acts as a shock-absorbing warehouse bumper guard and is able to absorb serious impacts from heavy forklifts and pallet jacks. With rubber dampers and chemical bolts holding epoxy resin securing them to the floor, these steel protectors offer rounded faces for superior collision resistance. They come in 10-inch, 16-inch standard, and 16-inch wide sizes to protect your largest racks. 

Partner with Tellus

Partner with Tellus, and we’ll provide the ultimate protection for your racking systems and the products in your warehouse. Get in touch to learn more about our range of warehouse protection products.

Our rack storage solutions increase efficiency.

Improve Warehouse Operations with Rack Storage Solutions

Our rack storage solutions increase efficiency.

Although computerization has been a part of warehouse organization and operations since the 70s and 80s, the recent surge in online buying has caused a more urgent need to streamline and increase the speed and accuracy of warehouse operations. This has expedited the need to update racking systems to handle the increase in volume and speed necessary to fill and process orders.

Discover how computerization has created a need for advanced rack storage solutions, streamlined warehouse organization, and enhanced inventory management. Learn how the move to computerized order placement provided the means to create an organized warehouse that could make it easy to find a single item out of thousands in a warehouse.

More Efficient Rack Storage Layout Solutions

As computerization became more common in ordering systems, warehouse managers recognized that the information on the order form could be used as a picking list in the warehouse and then as an invoice to accompany the customer’s order.

They also recognized that the order of the merchandise on the picking list could be used as a guideline for the layout of the rack storage solutions and the physical “home” of the inventory. Organizing a warehouse using a standardized order form meant that movement and travel in the warehouse during picking of the orders could be decreased. Orders could be picked quicker and more efficiently, and restocking merchandise could also be accomplished faster.

Tellus Specializes in Warehouse Innovation

Gravity flow racks are just one of our rack storage solutions.

Tellus has been a major innovator and supplier of rack storage warehouse solutions in Thailand since 2001. Our products and services include:

Industrial Storage Solutions

We have a wide range of carton flow racks, shelving systems and racking systems. In addition, we offer sturdy mezzanine floors that allow warehouses with high ceilings to increase the usable storage area of their space.

Material Handling Automation

We offer some of the most advanced material handling automation systems on the market. Our two types of automated guided vehicles (AGV) and ASRS shuttle systems make full use of the horizontal and vertical areas of your warehouse. These AGV and ASRS systems represent the most sophisticated advancements in robotic picking.

Office Storage Solutions

We offer eight office storage solutions grouped into two categories: shelving systems and sliding file cabinets. We have four shelving systems: Flexi-shelf, Nova Shelf, T-Classic Micro Rack, and Long Span racks. We also offer four varieties of sliding file cabinets that enhance the storage capacity of your office. These include the Side 2 Side, which offers wall storage, and the Hand Drive, Mechanical Drive, and Electrical Drive, which all allow you to expand your storage units for immediate use and condense them when not in use. These mobile storage units can save you from having to rent off-site storage space.

Rack Protection

Protect your valuable merchandise while protecting your racking systems from damage by forklifts, pallet jacks and other human-controlled warehouse vehicles. We provide a range of both frame barriers and post protectors to help ensure that no harm comes to your merchandise or your warehouse shelving systems. 

Under our selection of frame barriers, we offer pipe frame barriers that protect the ends of racking systems from damage. Bollard and steel angle barriers are designed to protect the corners of your racks. And our steel plate barriers provide floor-level protection of your racks from heavy-wheeled vehicles. 

Our post protectors include the VisiPro, a lightweight but heavy-duty, energy-absorbing polyethylene compounded plastic pad that can be easily attached to almost any size upright. We also offer standard steel protectors that are bolted into the floor and provide rugged protection for rack uprights. For an added level of protection in high-traffic areas with heavy machinery, we offer our heavy-duty steel protectors. These are shock-absorbing semi-circular rack guards that surround the base of your uprights and are bolted into the floor. They come in three sizes to offer excellent protection for small to large uprights.


Our Storeganizer racking space optimizer is the ideal rack storage solution for warehouses that carry a large variety of smaller-sized hand-picked inventory. The Storganizer concentrates many SKUs into a smaller area by stacking them vertically. It allows orders to be picked with minimum lateral movement. The bins of the unit consist of textile pockets that can be suspended as many as four rows deep. The back rows are easily reached by rolling the lightweight columns out of the way. The Storeganizer comes in three standard sizes; however, we can tailor-make a unit to fit any size inventory, and they are highly adaptable.

Rack Inspection and Repair

Tellus also offers rack inspection and repair services to warehouses in Thailand. Our inspections are conducted in accordance with the European Standard EN 15635. Please contact us to arrange a consultation involving inspection or repair.

Partner with Tellus

Partner with Tellus and explore our range of rack storage solutions to increase your warehouse speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Please contact us for any questions you have about any of our quality products or services.

Product shelves for retail stores

Product Shelf vs Rack: What Suits Your Needs More?

Product shelves for retail stores

Product shelves and racks are essential items for stores. However, a lack of understanding about their differences can result in misuse. Through this article, business owners looking for shelves or racks can learn their differences and how to select the most suitable option for their specific needs.

Functions and Advantages of Product Shelves and Racks


A shelf serves as a storage unit, typically crafted from wood, steel, or plastic. It finds common use in retail stores or mini-marts to store products for sale or showcase a variety of products like consumer goods, fashion items, or electronics. Today, various types of shelving storage are available to accommodate diverse needs, these include:

  • Free-standing shelves: a simple solution suitable for storing general goods.

  • Floating shelves: attached to a wall, suitable for placing lighter products.

  • Storage shelves with wheels: a wheeled storage shelf is convenient to move around stores or small warehouses.

Advantages of Shelving

  • It helps organise products neatly for easy identification and maintains a clean store appearance.

  • It is space-saving, as products can be placed on different levels.

  • With a wide range of shelf sizes and styles available, shelving can add to the look of a store.

  • Shelves allow for safer storage, especially those with rails to prevent products from falling off.


A rack is used for storing products in warehouses or managing stock. With its sturdy steel structure, it provides robust stability that can support significant weight. Typically, racks are used in a warehouse to store a large quantity of products. Nowadays, there’s a diverse range of warehouse racking available, each designed for a specific purpose, such as:

  • Selective racking system: for storing products on pallets. Each level is accessible, making it suitable to for multiple products.

  • Drive-in racking: comes with one accessible aisle at the back for forklifts to enter and exit. It is suitable for storing large and heavy items.

  • Push-back racking: provides large and deep spaces to store a large amount of products. It is suitable for lightweight products of the same type.

Advantages of Racking

  • Racking can support a lot of weight, making it suitable for heavy products such as consumer goods, agricultural or industrial products, etc.

  • With multiple levels, racking provides more space to store products.

  • It increases operational safety as most racking prevents products from falling off the pallets.

  • It improves operational efficiency in the stock room or warehouse by facilitating easier access to products and helping to prevent dead stock.

Differences Between Shelving and Racking


Shelving and racking are both designed for product storage, yet they vary in their suitability for different areas. Shelving, usually crafted from wood, steel, or plastic, is lightweight and easily movable. It is ideal for small shops or grocery stores. On the other hand, racking, primarily constructed from steel, is heavier with a stable foundation, making it suitable for use in factories or warehouses.

Suitable products

A shelf is better suited for lightweight products, serving well for product display or sales. In contrast, a rack is more suitable for heavy items like warehouse stock.


Product shelf storage has a versatile structure to display products nicely and make them stand out. Shelves can also be decorated for an attractive look that complements the store’s style. In contrast, warehouse racking prioritises a robust and enduring design. It typically serves specific needs, suitable for placing products in a stock room.

Warehouse racking

How to Select Shelving and Racking

  • The usage of shelves and racks varies. Choose the one that aligns with your specific needs, whether it is for general retail stores or warehouses. 

  • Choose those made from proper materials that can support the weight of your products adequately. 

  • Consider your budget to select affordable shelves or racks.

Are you in search of durable and secure store shelving or racking, available in a range of sizes and styles to support different product weights? Look no further! Tellus specialises in manufacturing and designing automated warehouse management systems. Our selection includes high-quality shelving storage at competitive prices, tailored to meet your specific requirements. Additionally, our expert team provides after-sale services, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. For more information about our products, please contact us at 02-643-8044.

Visipro Rack Protectors

VisiPro Rack Protectors

Protecting Your Racking Systems with VisiPro: Enhancing Longevity and Safety

Racking systems are an integral part of warehouses and storage facilities, providing an efficient and organized way to store goods and materials. However, these systems are susceptible to damage from forklifts, pallet jacks, and other heavy machinery. That’s where VisiPro comes in. VisiPro is a revolutionary product that offers robust protection for racking systems, ensuring the longevity and safety of your storage infrastructure. In this blog post, we will delve into the features and benefits of VisiPro and explore why it is the go-to solution for protecting posts.

Visipro Rack Protectors

Tough Impact Resistance for Reliable Rack Protection

VisiPro rack protectors are made from polyethylene compounded plastic, ensuring exceptional durability and toughness. They are specifically designed to withstand the impact of collisions, offering reliable protection to your racking systems. With VisiPro in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your infrastructure is shielded against accidental bumps and collisions, minimizing the risk of damage and maintaining the structural integrity of your storage systems.

High Visibility Yellow Color for Enhanced Safety

Safety is of utmost importance in any warehouse or storage facility. VisiPro rack protectors are manufactured in a high visibility yellow color, providing optimal visibility for operators and personnel. This vibrant color acts as a visual cue, drawing attention to the protected areas and reducing the chances of accidents. By enhancing visibility, VisiPro contributes to a safer work environment, preventing collisions and promoting efficient operations in the warehouse.

Energy Absorbing Inner Pad for Added Protection

VisiPro rack protectors are equipped with an energy-absorbing inner pad, further enhancing their impact resistance. This inner pad acts as a cushion, absorbing and dispersing the force of collisions. By minimizing the transfer of impact to the racking systems, VisiPro effectively protects against damage, ensuring the longevity of your infrastructure. The energy-absorbing feature of VisiPro makes it an ideal choice for preventing costly repairs or replacements.

Easy Installation and Removal

VisiPro rack protectors are designed for easy and hassle-free installation. They can be quickly fitted and removed without the need for floor fixings, minimizing disruption to your warehouse operations. The user-friendly design allows for swift installation on a wide range of uprights and posts. Whether you need to protect a specific area or reconfigure your racking system, VisiPro offers the flexibility and convenience you require.

Certified to Meet European Standards

VisiPro rack protectors are certified to impact loads specified in the European Standard EN 15512-2009. This certification ensures that VisiPro meets rigorous quality and safety standards, giving you confidence in the product’s performance. By choosing VisiPro, you are selecting a reliable and compliant solution that meets industry standards for racking system protection.

Tellus: Your Trusted Partner for High-Quality and Affordable VisiPro Rack Protectors and Warehouse Shelving Solutions

Discover VisiPro, the perfect choice for high-quality and affordable rack protection solutions. With its durable construction, tough impact resistance, high visibility yellow color, and energy-absorbing inner pad, VisiPro excels at safeguarding your racking systems. Ensure longevity and safety while minimizing costly repairs or replacements.

Tellus: Your Warehouse Shelving Solution Provider

Trust Tellus for all your warehouse shelving needs, including VisiPro rack protectors. As a trusted supplier, we offer a wide range of automated storage systems and equipment that meet international standards. Enhance efficiency and maximize space utilization in your facility with our comprehensive solutions.

Contact Us for VisiPro and More!

Contact us at 02-643-8044 to learn more about VisiPro and explore our range of warehouse shelving solutions. Our knowledgeable team is ready to provide tailored solutions and exceptional customer service. Choose Tellus for top-quality products and reliable support.

The importance of industrial racking inspection standards

What is the importance of standards for rack inspection, and why is it necessary to inspect them regularly?

The importance of industrial racking inspection standards

We can maintain safety standards in the warehouse every day by paying attention to details in equipment maintenance and optimizing the space for efficient work. This includes regular inspection of racking systems to ensure they are functioning effectively. By doing so, we can ensure smooth business operations without interruptions. But why is maintaining standards for racking systems important in warehouse operations? Find out more in this article.

The Importance of Maintaining Standards for Racking Systems

Maintaining strong and standardized racking units is crucially important because such units are a safety guarantee and an appropriate working condition in the warehouse. Without proper maintenance, shelves that support heavy weight and store a large number of goods may collapse, posing serious danger to workers and causing significant damage. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that racking units are kept strong and sturdy, and always comply with established standards.

Techniques for Inspecting Warehouse Shelf Standards

Checklist for Inspecting Warehouse Racking Standards

  • Checking the consistency of rack and product arrangement

    To properly organize and install racking units, both durability and stability should be balanced. If any aspect is lacking, it may cause the rack to collapse over time. Therefore, it is important to check the standards of the shelving units and ensure they are arranged in an orderly manner, including the completeness and stability of each shelf. They should not be tilted to either side as this can help prevent racking collapse.

  • Check for rust on the racking system

    Rust that occurs due to the corrosion of iron or other metals used in the production of racking systems is always possible. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly inspect for rust on the racking system, as it can corrode until it reduces the system’s weight capacity. If left unchecked for too long without maintenance and repair, the metal will begin to deteriorate, with more visible signs of corrosion, eventually leading to the collapse of the racking system.

  • Assessing Weight Capacity

    It is important to regularly check and ensure that the weight capacity of the current racks being used is in compliance with the standard. This information can often be found in the purchase documentation that specifies the weight capacity for each rack. If a rack is overloaded, it should be addressed immediately by transferring the products to a more suitable rack to prevent overloading and potential damage to the rack structure.

Checklist for Inspecting Structure of Warehouse Racking Standards

  • Inspect the surface and texture for corrosion rust.

    If the structure of the rack begins to show surface damage, whether it’s fading color or corroded by rust, consider it a warning sign that the rack’s safety standards may be compromised, potentially posing a safety risk for workers during operations, and causing significant damage to stored products. It’s essential to conduct further inspection and carry out maintenance and repair work as soon as possible.

  • Check for damages to the racking structure.

    Apart from issues with paint and corrosion, the standard of racking systems also depends on damage in various forms, such as dents, twisting, scratches, damages from forklifts, and other equipment that need to be closely inspected. If there is significant damage, it should be repaired immediately as it may affect the stability and safety of the racking system.

    By inspecting the standards of the racking systems according to all of these checklists, you will be able to identify any issues and promptly carry out maintenance to prevent potential serious accidents that may cause injury to employees, damage to property, and loss of time due to work interruption.

Benefits of maintaining your racking systems to meet standards

  • Enhancing the safety of goods and employees in the warehouse

  • Maintenance of racking helps businesses meet certification standards

  • It helps reduce the cost of maintenance, upkeep, and early replacement of racking systems.

Tellus: The Best Industrial Warehouse Storage Systems Supplier

If you are looking for high-quality and affordable warehouse shelving for your business, Tellus is the supplier for you. We provide automated storage systems and equipment of exceptional quality, guaranteed to meet international standards of warehouse shelving. We offer a wide range of products to suit your needs. For more information, please contact us at 02-643-8044.