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Pipe frame barriers protect racks and valuable merchandise.

Today’s warehouses are busy places. With the increase in e-commerce and online ordering and delivery, every warehouse is a hive of activity. Order filling and re-stocking chores happen nearly around the clock in some warehouses, and managers are constantly worried about the dangers of heavy equipment operation. Heavy-duty pallet jacks and forklifts are the most commonly used pieces of equipment in warehouses, and the speeds at which they travel are a constant danger to employees, racking systems, and valuable merchandise. 

Tellus supplies storage and material handling solutions for warehouses and factories in Thailand. Our solutions protect your valuable racking systems and merchandise from accidental damage during warehouse operations. Our warehouse rack protectors can also help protect your employees.

Our range of rack protection equipment is cost-effective, helping you extend the lifespan of your racks, reduce damage, and increase the safety of your operations. Let’s take a look at the warehouse rack protectors we offer.

Warehouse Protection Solutions

We offer two rack protection solutions – frame barriers and post protectors. Both of these solutions are designed to withstand collisions and damage from common warehouse vehicles, including pallet jacks, electric carts, and forklifts. 

Most warehouse rack damage occurs on the rack corners from vehicles taking turns too sharply. Our heavy-duty solutions can provide extra protection to these vulnerable rack corners, and the valuable merchandise stored on them. 

Frame Barriers

We offer a range of heavy-duty pipe, steel angle, and steel plate barriers to protect the corners and sides of your racking from collisions and damage.

Pipe Frame Barriers

Our economical 3” and 4” pipe frame barriers are designed, manufactured and installed to your specifications. Placed at the end of racking systems in warehouse aisles and intersections, they provide solid rack protection from vehicles. 

We also provide a wide range of U and L-type corner protectors, bump protectors, upright front protectors, pallet support bars, shelf support bars, forklift entry bars, coil support bars and single/double barrel chocks.  

Bollard and Steel Angle Barriers

Bollard and steel angle barriers are employed together as an effective end frame protector for your racking uprights. The steel angle barriers are installed between the bollards guarding the corner posts. They provide protection from vehicles hitting the central cross-bracing of the rack. 

The bollards are made of a 3 mm thick centre core welded to a 10 mm bottom plate. They are covered by a high-impact HDPE cover that covers all exposed bolts to protect them from being sheared off in the event of an accident. The bollards and steel angle barriers are anchored into the floor with 2×16 mm chemical bolts.

Steel Plate Barriers

Steel plate barriers provide effective corner protection.

Our heavy-duty steel plate barriers are designed to wrap around the bases of the end frames of your racking systems and are created and installed to your specifications. They are installed with 2×16 mm chemical bolts that provide ample protection from warehouse vehicles.

Post Protectors

Tellus has two grades of steel protectors for racking posts and uprights. We also have our VISIPRO solution, a cost-effective racking protection solution.

Standard Steel Protector

For picking racks and racks that are safe from vehicular traffic but still need protection from everyday wear, tear and damage, we offer steel post protectors made from 5 mm steel sheeting, anchored to the floor with four M-12 expansion bolts. The height of our protectors is 400 mm, meeting the Australian standard AS 4084-2012.

Heavy-duty Steel Protectors

We offer three sizes of heavy-duty shock-absorbing rack guards, providing complete wrap-around protection of your racking posts and uprights from forklift and pallet jack damage. Our zinc-plated heavy-duty steel comes with an interior rubber bumper and provides protection to uprights of 124.2 mm and 185.1 mm. The rack guards come in sizes of 254 mm tall, 406.4 mm tall, and 406.4 mm tall for wide racks. 


We also offer our VISIPRO solution for protecting your racks with polyethylene compounded plastic. The pads are designed to wrap around your uprights and offer lightweight, exceptional durability and impact resistance. They come in a high-visibility yellow colour that enhances warehouse safety. 

These units feature an energy-absorbing inner pad and are quickly and easily installed and removed with almost no downtime. We have a range of sizes to fit all racking posts and uprights. VISIPRO is certified to meet the impact load requirements of European standard EN 15512-2009.

Protect your Employees, Racks and Merchandise with Tellus

To extend the lifespan of your warehouse racking systems, safeguard the value of your merchandise, and protect your employees, explore our affordable warehouse protection solutions. Contact us today for more information.

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