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Our rack storage solutions increase efficiency.

Although computerization has been a part of warehouse organization and operations since the 70s and 80s, the recent surge in online buying has caused a more urgent need to streamline and increase the speed and accuracy of warehouse operations. This has expedited the need to update racking systems to handle the increase in volume and speed necessary to fill and process orders.

Discover how computerization has created a need for advanced rack storage solutions, streamlined warehouse organization, and enhanced inventory management. Learn how the move to computerized order placement provided the means to create an organized warehouse that could make it easy to find a single item out of thousands in a warehouse.

More Efficient Rack Storage Layout Solutions

As computerization became more common in ordering systems, warehouse managers recognized that the information on the order form could be used as a picking list in the warehouse and then as an invoice to accompany the customer’s order.

They also recognized that the order of the merchandise on the picking list could be used as a guideline for the layout of the rack storage solutions and the physical “home” of the inventory. Organizing a warehouse using a standardized order form meant that movement and travel in the warehouse during picking of the orders could be decreased. Orders could be picked quicker and more efficiently, and restocking merchandise could also be accomplished faster.

Tellus Specializes in Warehouse Innovation

Gravity flow racks are just one of our rack storage solutions.

Tellus has been a major innovator and supplier of rack storage warehouse solutions in Thailand since 2001. Our products and services include:

Industrial Storage Solutions

We have a wide range of carton flow racks, shelving systems and racking systems. In addition, we offer sturdy mezzanine floors that allow warehouses with high ceilings to increase the usable storage area of their space.

Material Handling Automation

We offer some of the most advanced material handling automation systems on the market. Our two types of automated guided vehicles (AGV) and ASRS shuttle systems make full use of the horizontal and vertical areas of your warehouse. These AGV and ASRS systems represent the most sophisticated advancements in robotic picking.

Office Storage Solutions

We offer eight office storage solutions grouped into two categories: shelving systems and sliding file cabinets. We have four shelving systems: Flexi-shelf, Nova Shelf, T-Classic Micro Rack, and Long Span racks. We also offer four varieties of sliding file cabinets that enhance the storage capacity of your office. These include the Side 2 Side, which offers wall storage, and the Hand Drive, Mechanical Drive, and Electrical Drive, which all allow you to expand your storage units for immediate use and condense them when not in use. These mobile storage units can save you from having to rent off-site storage space.

Rack Protection

Protect your valuable merchandise while protecting your racking systems from damage by forklifts, pallet jacks and other human-controlled warehouse vehicles. We provide a range of both frame barriers and post protectors to help ensure that no harm comes to your merchandise or your warehouse shelving systems. 

Under our selection of frame barriers, we offer pipe frame barriers that protect the ends of racking systems from damage. Bollard and steel angle barriers are designed to protect the corners of your racks. And our steel plate barriers provide floor-level protection of your racks from heavy-wheeled vehicles. 

Our post protectors include the VisiPro, a lightweight but heavy-duty, energy-absorbing polyethylene compounded plastic pad that can be easily attached to almost any size upright. We also offer standard steel protectors that are bolted into the floor and provide rugged protection for rack uprights. For an added level of protection in high-traffic areas with heavy machinery, we offer our heavy-duty steel protectors. These are shock-absorbing semi-circular rack guards that surround the base of your uprights and are bolted into the floor. They come in three sizes to offer excellent protection for small to large uprights.


Our Storeganizer racking space optimizer is the ideal rack storage solution for warehouses that carry a large variety of smaller-sized hand-picked inventory. The Storganizer concentrates many SKUs into a smaller area by stacking them vertically. It allows orders to be picked with minimum lateral movement. The bins of the unit consist of textile pockets that can be suspended as many as four rows deep. The back rows are easily reached by rolling the lightweight columns out of the way. The Storeganizer comes in three standard sizes; however, we can tailor-make a unit to fit any size inventory, and they are highly adaptable.

Rack Inspection and Repair

Tellus also offers rack inspection and repair services to warehouses in Thailand. Our inspections are conducted in accordance with the European Standard EN 15635. Please contact us to arrange a consultation involving inspection or repair.

Partner with Tellus

Partner with Tellus and explore our range of rack storage solutions to increase your warehouse speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Please contact us for any questions you have about any of our quality products or services.

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