Is an industrial shelf necessary? How to choose the proper one?

Selective rack

Racking systems are essential and necessary for the industrial sector. It makes selling or sending products more manageable and more convenient. If we talk about warehouses, the top priority that entrepreneurs may focus on is ‘Industrial Racking Systems’ because it helps to keep products organized and ready for various operations.

What is an Industrial Racking System?

Industrial shelving is used to store manufactured or produced commodities. Shelving comes in various types, including Push Back, Selective, Long Span, and Micro Rack. Also, the warehouse system and the product should be considered while designing the racking systems.

We should focus on the strength and suitability of the industrial rack. It must correspond to the size and weight of the product. If in the warehouse, there are many types and sizes of products. It has to be appropriately stored to increase the convenience of warehouse management.

Why are industrial shelves necessary?

1. Save storage space

The more storage space available in warehouse management, the more efficient our warehouse management will be.
Industrial shelving is one of the warehouse management tools that help allocate limited space to more useable. It can store goods vertically and gain more space for other operations such as manufacturing, packing, or office work.

2. Ability to store a large number of products

In an area of ​​1 square meter, we may only store 10 items. If we want to keep more products, We may stack the pallets on top of each other, but it can damage the cargo underneath when we store large quantities. On the other hand, if we have industrial racks, we can place vertical goods and pallets in large numbers. Also, it can increase safety rather than stacking products on top of each other.

3. Systematic and Organized

Industrial shelves are one of the tools that help warehouses organize products more systematically. It can sort by type, colour and size of each product or by SKU (Stock Keeping Unit). It also makes the products organized and orderly, easy to store, and more convenient to take the goods in and out.

4. Easy to check stocks

Even though there is an efficient and modern product management system, we still have to count products by staff. Industrial shelving helps workers count items faster without having to count for things in multiple locations and without confusion.

5. Employees are comfortable working

Whether it’s packing goods, moving goods or counting stock, it’s more convenient. It increases the speed and efficiency of work.

Checklist before choosing the right industrial shelf

Industrial shelves come in a variety of types. Here is the list we should consider before deciding to choose a rack:

1. Check product type

The first thing we should consider is the kind of product it is. Also, check weight, size and storage method. Will we keep it as a warehouse, or will we use pallets to support it? Finally, it has to consider how much inventory we have to correctly calculate the floor area required.

2. Check space in warehouse

This is equally important because the same area may be allocated for various uses. For example, we may use the site for production and storage. Therefore, we should check the space used for horizontal and vertical storage of goods.

3. Check the type of pallet

We currently divide pallets into 4 types: wooden pallets, plastic pallets, paper pallets and steel pallets. Most of them will choose according to the type and size of the product and how much weight they want to support. Also, how high can it be lifted?

4. Check used forklifts

For any factory that already has a forklift or plans to buy a forklift, We also need to check the lifting capacity of the forklift to safely lift the goods. In addition, there must be space between floors for the car to move comfortably and safely.

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