Get Effective Warehouse Rack Protectors

Heavy forklifts can speed up warehouse work

The modern warehouse is a busy place where speed is of the essence. With more people ordering goods directly from the Internet, warehouses all over the world, including Thailand, have streamlined and increased the speed of their warehouse operations.

Most high-volume warehouses are now computerized. The warehouse locations of every item are entered into a computer, and the computer then generates the picking lists of the orders received. The picking lists given to warehouse employees are organized to minimize the travel time needed to fill the order. The emphasis on speeding up picking operations has caused an increased reliance on heavy and fast-moving forklifts and pallet jacks. This has meant an increase in warehouse accidents and collisions with vulnerable warehouse racking systems

Expensive Accidents

These warehouse accidents can be expensive when they involve collisions with racks holding valuable products. The downtime from cleanups also eats into the profit margin of the warehouse and slows down operations. These picking racks, flow racks, and multi-level racking systems are not built to withstand high-speed collisions with fast-moving forklifts and pallet jacks.

Safeguard Your Warehouse

Tellus offers warehouse rack protectors, bumper guards and steel bumper poles that protect your racks and valuable merchandise from collisions and damage. 

We have a range of protection systems that are designed to offer complete protection to every structure and racking system in your warehouse. They include:

Pipe Frame Barriers

These heavy-duty warehouse rack protector products are typically mounted at the ends of multi-level racking systems. They consist of heavy steel bumper poles (that can be filled with concrete) embedded in the warehouse floor, with steel cross-beams attached to them and guarding the lower rack uprights. They can protect the entire rack from collisions and prevent cascading failures. 

Bollards and Steel Angle Barriers

These are two products that perform similar functions in guarding the vulnerable corners of a racking system. 99% of damage to warehouse racks occurs at the corners of the racks where an aisle meets a perpendicular aisle. The damage occurs when a forklift or pallet jack attempts to cut the corner when turning and collides with the rack, causing sometimes devastating damage. Our bollards and steel angle barriers protect vulnerable corners from collisions. The round shape of the bollards deflects the impact, and the steel angle barrier protects the rack at ground level. 

Steel Plate Barriers

These are effective warehouse bumper guards made of heavy-duty steel secured to the floor of the warehouse. They act as effective barriers to forklift and pallet jack collisions and are designed to offer complete protection to a section of rack uprights rather than one single upright. They’re generally installed along high-traffic aisles and where two aisles meet. When painted in bright safety colors, they can be used to define aisles in busy and crowded warehouses. 


VISIPRO is a cost-effective, lightweight pad that can be quickly strapped to uprights and offers an instant protection solution. Its rugged construction ensures it will last for years. It’s constructed from polyethylene compounded plastic with a high-visibility finish and offers long-lasting durability and impact resistance. VISIPRO from Tellus is offered in a range of sizes to fit any warehouse uprights. Our product is certified to satisfy the impact load requirements of the European Standard EN 15512-2009. 

Standard Steel Protectors

These standard steel protectors are seen in warehouses all over Thailand. They protect the uprights of multi-level racking, picking racks and flow racks. They’re made of 5mm thick steel and anchored to the floor by four M-12 expansion bolts to provide rock-solid protection to your racks. The height of our protectors is 400mm, meeting the height requirements of post protectors under the Australian Standard AS 4084-2012. 

Warehouse bumper guards protect valuable products

Heavy-duty Steel Protectors

We also offer a heavy-duty steel protector that acts as a shock-absorbing warehouse bumper guard and is able to absorb serious impacts from heavy forklifts and pallet jacks. With rubber dampers and chemical bolts holding epoxy resin securing them to the floor, these steel protectors offer rounded faces for superior collision resistance. They come in 10-inch, 16-inch standard, and 16-inch wide sizes to protect your largest racks. 

Partner with Tellus

Partner with Tellus, and we’ll provide the ultimate protection for your racking systems and the products in your warehouse. Get in touch to learn more about our range of warehouse protection products.

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