Column/Rack Protection and Guardrail Barriers: Equipment to Reduce Damage in the Factory

Rack protection and frame barriers Damage prevention equipment in warehouse
The safety of employees and visitors should be a top priority for factory owners and workers. In addition to mastering the use of equipment and tools, it’s crucial to have the right safety equipment in place. Two essential devices that every factory should have are rack protectors and frame barriers. In this article, we’ll explore the differences between bollards and guardrails and offer tips on selecting high-quality products for your factory.

Get to Know the Differences Between Rack Post Protector and Frame Barriers!

  • Rack Post Protector

    Rack Post Protector is a device that helps protect posts and reduce collision force on the posts in accidents that may occur from various types of usage. For example, in industrial factories where cargo transportation vehicles are commonly used, having post protectors can prevent the posts from being damaged, which could potentially cause products to fall. They are also used as traffic equipment in parking lots. Post protectors can prevent vehicles from backing up and hitting the posts or walls of the parking lot.
  • Frame Barriers

    Frame Barriers are devices designed to prevent damage from collisions in various areas. They are suitable for partitioning critical areas that require special attention, whether it’s in an industrial factory that uses forklifts to move goods all the time or in parking areas without barriers. Frame barriers can help prevent cars from reversing or jumping out of the parking area, for example.
The post protector and frame barriers have different designs and installation methods, but both serve to reduce impact in the event of an accident and increase safety for employees, products, and shelves. They are both important and necessary equipment in high-risk environments such as industrial factories.

Properties of high-quality and durable Post Protectors and Frame Barriers for optimal usage.

For working in industrial factories or warehouse areas with large amounts of goods and shelves, as well as forklift trucks running throughout, choosing guard protectors and safety barriers is an important tool to help reduce damage from accidents and protect workers from injury. It is important to choose high-quality products to increase the efficiency of prevention. Consider the following factors:
  1. Choose collision post guards and frame barriers made from durable, flexible, and resilient materials.
  2. Choose equipment that is painted with yellow-black stripes or reflective materials that can reflect light at night.
  3. Choose equipment that can withstand corrosion, water, fire, and solvents well.
  4. Choose equipment that has a long service life and requires minimal maintenance.
  5. Choose equipment that can also be used in other important locations.
If you are a business owner, factory owner, or employee looking for equipment to reduce damage from accidents and increase safety for employees, at Tellus, we are a leader in innovation for product management and impact-resistant equipment, such as column guards and guardrails. Our high-quality products are affordable, and we offer a variety of options to meet your needs. We are ready to help your factory. For more information, please call us at 02-643-8044.
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