Relocated the space-saving mobile shelving

relocated the Mobilux mobile shelving

At Tellus Systems, we provide the service for relocated the Mobilux mobile shelving for the customer to their new office. As a result, we provided them more space-saving for storage their files in limit space. Mobilux is another solution we recommend for the office or industries for manage and increase their space for storage.

1st quarter of shelving supplied by Tellus

shelving system
hand drive shelving system
shelving for retail store
mobilux shelving system
shelving for library

In the first quarter of 2021, Tellus provides a various range of shelving for the customers. Not only general shelving but also our space-saving mobile shelving systems. We supply and design it for each businesses such as hospitality, or education, as well bank industries with a mixture of requirements. Above are some picture samples of these applications