Racking systems inspections of Tellus Systems

At Tellus Systems, we conduct racking systems inspections in accordance with the European Standard EN 15635.

Racking systems inspections guidelines

The following guidelines are followed.
The damages are categorised represented by a colour:

● Green: The damage is within the safe limit. it shall be recorded and reviewed to ensure it does not worsen.

● Amber: The damage is more than what is accepted as being Green. The area shall be repaired within a maximum of 4 weeks.

● Red: The damage is more than twice what is accepted as Green and shall be off-loaded immediately and repaired as soon as possible.

racking systems inspections of Tellus Systems Limited

Let us make sure that your pallet racking system is in a safe condition is of utmost importance.

Reconditioning racking systems by Tellus Systems

Reconditioning racking systems are caused by used racking that may break or become unusable. To make sure it works, Experts must be improving and testing.

In short, this must go through a standard inspection and repair process to be confident that you are getting a safe, strong, and high-quality product.

reconditioning racking system

That is what we at Tellus Systems Limited recently did for a food & beverage company here in Thailand.

We have reconditioned a 20-year-old Drive-In racking system. This is an economical way to make sure that maintained the safety standards. 


Mobilux Flexi shelf at Mae Fah Luang University

Our Mobilux Flexi Shelf fits for smaller areas. The shelf can slide easily over the aluminum profile. it has a lightweight and strong construction. The integrated handle prevents obstructions into the working area and has a uniform appearance.

When the Medical center at Mae Fah Luang University in Chiang Rai needed more storage,

they contacted us at Tellus Systems Limited, and last week we delivered and installed three new Mobilux space-saving Flexi-shelf systems at the University. A great way to optimise the office space.

Mobilux Flexi-shelf
Mobilux Flexi-shelf
Mobilux Flexi-shelf

Automatic vertical storage by Tellus Systems

Finally! Tellus systems install the first automatic vertical storage lift from Weland Solutions AB. We have installed it on an oil rig built in Laem Chabang for an overseas client. There are many benefits of this product to help your business.

Above all, it is considered an excellent solution for keeping critical spare parts on hand.

automatic vertical storage

In short, our automatic vertical storage can be improving operating efficiencies to reduce cost, improve service, and focus on the intelligent application of technology for business’s commercial benefit.

If you are interested, please consult us or contact us for your requirements and exact quote.