Save space, reduce costs: How a Double-Decker shelving system does both

In the past months, we’ve discussed the benefits of mobile filing systems for office areas.Today, we want to introduce another type of shelving system—one that can double the space and money saving benefits of a mobile filing system. How is this possible? You harness the benefits of a single mobile shelving system, and then literally take it to a whole new level.

The upper and lower mobile shelving unit is moving at the same time

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How to gain more storage in less space

Optimising the cost per square metre and organising order picking as efficiently as possible are ongoing challenges in warehouse management. Pallet racking works well for high-volume, fast-moving items, but may lead to a big waste of space when it comes to smaller, slower moving inventory items. This is where Storeganizer comes in. This innovative, high-density storage system provides a slim fit storage solution that is ideal for small, slow moving items.

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